Research and development leads a company towards the path of success, thus R&D has lead VIRA PUMPS to flourish in the industry as one of the best manufacturers worldwide. Dr. Virajit Gundale, Ph.D, is the promoters of this company his research and development has bought accomplishment for VIRA PUMPS in Submersible pumps and motors. He is an Academician and an Industrialist whose expertise is unparalleled. His expert advice and research papers have been published in many International journals in this particular sector. He has consulted many reputed organizations for many years. The pioneer company comprehensively uses latest software’s and technologies such as CFD (Computational Fluid dynamics) in Submersible pumps and Optimization techniques in the Submersible motors. The company uses high tech software’s and equipments that are excellent as per the industry standards and are regularly updated as per the technological advancement.

We have a team of professionals and experts that are experts in the respective field, the research, and development (R&D) department is established with many tools, equipments and software’s that are customized as per the requirement of the company. Research and development being the quintessential and the most important part of the company’s growth and development. Thus the division consists of well skilled professionals that are thoroughly trained with the latest technology enabling us to design and develop products that are efficient for the personnel to use, explore, and aid in the growth of the company.

Thus highly updated technology and expert professionals gives our company a cutting edge in comprehensive personalization of the tools and products enabling us to understand and meet the customers demand and expectations even in the smallest conditions. We strive hard to provide the best of our services and products to the customers all over the globe. With its glorious past VIRA PUMPS is idolized by many companies in the same sector for its working environment, process, and product innovations competence in Asia and all over the globe. The R&D primarily functions to develop and improve the products as per the customer’s satisfaction and the market trends.

The R&D experts are also functions in to explore and enhance the company’s knowledge and database about the scientific and technological topics in order to discover and enable the expansion of the new valuable products, processes, and systems. The research and development goes on all through the year to innovate and discover new trends in the industry that can aide to the success of the company. The research helps to bring about an improvement in the performance of pumps and motors that eventually helps to achieve perfection and efficiency.

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