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SS (Stainless Steel) Fabricated Bowls

VIRA PUMPS is a leading manufacturer and an exporter of SS Fabricated Bowls in AISI 304 grade for 4”, 6”, & 8” Submersible pumps. All the products that are manufactured at VIRA PUMPS are word class and best up to the industry standards. The fabricated bowls are made of high quality alloy that makes them robust and well to do in any condition. The pumping efficiency is increased as the substantial diminution in the running costs is caused due to the high wear resistance.
After a lot of research and development the bowls has been designed to provide best possible result and performance. VIRA PUMPS makes sure that the latest technology is used design the pumps so that the output is satisfactory for the users. The bowls have been designed using the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). We have a world class fabrication unit that manufactures high quality and tested pumps using the CNC, SPM and highly developed welding plant under strict quality control

For available Model Types and Performance Curves, Please visit the Submersible Pumps section in this website. .
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