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VIRA PUMPS manufactures, supplies and exports all the spare parts essential to assemble or build a Submersible motor.


Stator is the stationary part of the motor. VIRA PUMPS uses high quality stainless steel and high quality electrical grade laminations or stampings rich in silicon. This gives noiseless and long life performance of the motor. We can supply a array of various Stator designs in 6" and 8" Submersible motors. We can also supply special Stators as per customers request


Rotor is the rotating part of the motor. It consists of stacked laminations enclosing copper bars which are shorted at both ends. VIRA PUMPS use 99.99 % grade copper for its rotors. All the rotors are dynamically balanced to prevent vibrations and frequent failures of the bearings. These rotors are available in 6" as well as 8" submersible motors


VIRA PUMPS supply bearing bushes in LTB grade lead bronze as well as carbon bushes as per the customers requirement for both 6" as well as 8" Submersible motors. The sizes and dimensions are correctly maintained in our ISO 9001: 2008 system for a sustainable performance. Carbon bush is manufactured using the best grade carbon and graphite with the help of latest tools and techniques at our well equipped production unit. Available in different finishes and sizes to meet the various requirements of the clients, we ensure that the offered bush is highly durable in nature. The provided Graphite Bush can be bought at an economical price range.


A thrust bearing designed to take a load in the direction of the axis of a shaft, especially one transmitting the thrust of a propeller shaft to the hull of a ship. VIRA PUMPS produces and supplies a variety of high quality Thrust bearings for 6" as well as 8" Submersible motors. We provide Fluid Film Carbon Thrust Bearing used in Submersible motors. Construction of Bearing is with international standard construction materials like Sintered Carbon for rotating collar, Housing of CIFG260 or AISI 410. Counter face of CA40 hardened, ground and lapped to Ra of 0.10 micrometers.


All essential rubber parts required for 6" and 8" Submersible motors are supplied by us. Some of the parts include Sand guards, Seals, O- Rings, Diaphragm cup, Cable grommet etc.


VIRA PUMPS supplies various hardware parts like Nuts, Bolts, Screws in Stainless steel, brass as well as High tensile material. We can supply you any specified material for these parts which may include AISI 304 or AISI 316 . We also provide special parts as per the customer's request in any designated material depending upon its application.

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