Water is the most essential part of the existence if every living being, thus there has to be a tool or equipment that makes using water easy. Thus submersible pumps are used by people of every economic class to improve their lives. People all over the world use submersible pumps for industrial, agricultural, as well as domestic uses. The pumps can be operated for several hours as day depending on its use, thus the use depends on how much water is needed in a day for the crops and how long the pump is used. It can be operated for two or seven hours a day, however the pump should be reliable enough to operate perfectly and should be reliable enough to execute its task in the specific time. Thus when we buy such useful products we feel that the manufacturer and the exporter of such product must have an established philosophy.

Thus the research and development as well as the philosophy of the company lead them to the path of success as well as attract customers towards them. VIRA PUMPS is a customer centric company that focuses on customer satisfaction and articulates their demands. The loyalty of the customers is kept intact by manufacturing world class Submersible pumps and motors with spares thus living up to the mark of customers demands and expectations. Besides manufacturing high quality products we also provide timely supply of products and services to our valuable customers all around the world.

VIRA PUMPS has been a source of inspiration for various other companies in the sectors, people look up to the techniques of R&D and philosophy and the quality of our services. Thus we are a motivational organization for various direct as well as indirect partners. Our commitment towards our work and the employee dedication has encouraged as us to maintain good relationship with our clients and customers and create a brand image in the market to enable us to emerge as the leader in the domestic as well as international markets. We believe in maintaining goodwill with our partners as well as our customers. We make every effort to provide the best of our services and products to our customers by bringing in innovation and improvements in both the company’s processes and products. Our objective is to provide world class submersible pump and motors and related spares that are up to the mark of international standards.

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