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SS Fabricated NRV (Non Return Valve)

VIRA PUMPS is an internationally acknowledged manufacturer and exporter of pumps and its spares that are manufactured as per the highest industry standards. NRV is also manufactured at VIRA PUMPS which is a widely used valve that normally allows water to flow in one direction only this valve is manufactured in high quality, the SS Fabricated NRV in AISI 304 grade for 4”, 6”& 8” Submersible pumps confirming to NEMA standards. The professionals are well skilled and have experience in designing pumps and spares that are best in quality. The NRV valve is designed in way that it performs at its best in every condition. This valve provides maximum results that are up to the customer’s satisfaction. They are designed for best hydraulic properties to minimize the pressure loss across the valve. The valve is designed for optimum productivity .The valve provides optimum performance and thus to contribute to the high efficiency of the pump.

For available Model Types and Performance Curves, Please visit the Submersible Pumps section in this website. .
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