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SS Suction Adapter (Suction Case)

VIRA pumps has a completely well settled manufacturing units that keep a proper tab on the quality of the product that is manufactured and the processing which does not leave any flaw in the manufacturing process. The quality product that matches up the international quality standards distinguishes VIRA PUMPS from the others. Besides pumps, spares are also manufactured keeping the same quality standards. VIRA PUMPS manufactures and exports world class SS Fabricated NRV in AISI 304 grade for 4”, 6” & 8” Submersible pumps confirming to NEMA standards.
The suction adapter or the suction manufactured by us is one of the most important spare of the pumps. The entire functioning and assembly of the pumps is dependent on the Suction case. Suction adapter is available in fabricated SS as well as in SS Investment casting. The manufacturing style of adapter is dependent on the customer’s specifications, guidelines, and requests. We have well established manufacturing unit which technologically advanced and performing on the expertise of the skilled labor. We use latest welding technology such as SPM’s and CNC Technology.

For available Model Types and Performance Curves, Please visit the Submersible Pumps section in this website. .
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