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Horizontal Multistage Pump

Horizontal Multistage Pumps

An Introduction to Horizontal multistage pumps

Horizontal multistage pumps are said to be very cost-effective, as well as too efficient in functioning. Also, you can find it a very safe alternative that is good at reciprocating. Actually, these horizontal multistage pumps have been generated in the later stage after the oil boom is evolved during 1980’s. Till then, water injection was suppose to be very essential part for various purposes and supplying or maintaining such a traditional reciprocating pumps becomes very tough. However, the fast water supply efficiency, as well as the improved reliability of the horizontal multistage pumps has become a better replacement to these reciprocating pumps. As there is a huge growth of the product via oilfield services to the industrial applications, certain kinds of horizontal multistage pumps have been developed to experience a series of engineered improvements in order to meet the needs of the different types of industries like the surface pump industry, etc. Not just one or two, there are several series of these horizontal multistage pumps. These horizontal multistage pumps hold the capacity to serve various industrial requirements that too offering a 20-year run life, with a back pullout design along with the API seal chamber as well as the API mechanical seals.

Applications of Horizontal multistage pumps

There are many applications in Horizontal multistage pumps such as the Pressure Boosting, Water Transfer, Turf Irrigation, Residential Lawn Sprinkler Systems, Wash Down Applications, as well as the Commercial Water Features, the Fountains and Cisterns, the Reverse Osmosis and the Aeration, etc.
You can find latest FPS MH Series, as well as the Multi-Stage Booster Pumps which are specifically designed to reach the requirements of the pressure boosting. While, the stainless steel construction provides high performance available in huge number of applications. Likewise, the MH Series are provided with three flow rates along with the five varied horsepower sizes like the 1-phase or 3-phase which ensures to make you get the right pump that suits your application.

Features of Horizontal multistage pumps

Horizontal multistage pumps have all types of 300 Series Stainless Steel wetted components, and also have High Service Factor. Besides this, these pumps are capable in pumping fluids at temperatures till 225 °F. While these pumps also hold the capacity to operate in the suction lift installation that goes up to 10 feet. Apart from these, such kinds of Horizontal multistage pumps are found in 3 flow rates like the 15, 30 and 45 gpm. Even motor of horizontal pumps size will have many options to select like the 1-phase or 3-phase. Even, the High pressure capabilities like the 140 psi, etc. are certified for both indoor and outdoor use. This is the small introduction about the Horizontal multistage pumps.

Availability: from 0.75 hp to 2.0 hp, 5.4 m3/hr to 9.6 m3/hr (50 Hz as well as 60 Hz on demand)

Material Of Construction

Part name Material
Pump delivery Cast Iron
Pump bracket Cast Iron
Impeller AISI 304
Diffuser AISI 304
Motor frame Aluminum
Shaft SS 410
Sealing Mechanical Seal ( Carbon , Ceramic)
Stator M47, Low carbon
Rotor Aluminumf
Thermal Over Load Protector Fitted with TOP

Performance chart (50 Hz)

kW HP Head Max (mtrs) Flow Max (lpm) Pipe size
0.6 0.8 30 90 1” X 1”
0.75 1.0 40 120 1” X 1”
1.1 1.5 50 140 1” X 1”
1.5 2.0 60 160 1” X 1”

**60 Hz models available as per customer’s request**

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