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6" Cast Iron Submersible Pump

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VIRA manufactures one of the highest quality pumps that are widely used people for various purposes. VIRA 6” Cast Iron submersible Pumps are among the most demanded pumps that are made of high quality raw material. The quality of the raw material guarantees the efficiency and reliability of the product which adds a long life to it. All the spare parts and components of these submersible pumps are under supreme supervision and strict quality control which is done with the help of the latest technology called the CNC machining. Quality is not compromised even in the smallest component of these pumps; this makes VIRA well known in the market. The fitting of the pumps and the components are done using the NRV water hammer and friction losses.

VIRA 6” Cast Iron submersible Pump is a mixed flow type pump. The impeller of these pumps is made using the Computational Fluid dynamics (CFD) which is the industrial standard tool to designs such components of pumps. The Impeller is the most important part of the submersible pumps thus the quality is checked under stringent rules. It is made from high grade corrosion resistant stainless steel using investment casting method; the bowl is made from GG 26 grade Cast Iron. Another important component of this pump is the shaft which is made with the help of SS AISI 304 grade material.

The CAD/CAM techniques which are one of the latest technologies used to machine the impellers and the bowls to perfection. To make sure that the impellers work for a longer life time and are usable for as long as possible they are tightly balanced in order to free from the vibrations. The hydraulic testing of the submersible pumps is done as per the established IS/ISO standards.

Applications of 6” Cast Iron Pumps

  • Water supply
  • Irrigation
  • Civil applications
  • Industrial
  • Fire fighting

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