How Stainless Steel Submersible pumps are better than CI Pumps?

SS Stainless steel fabricated submersible pumps (SS Pumps) are those pumps which are used for irrigation purposes. These pumps are available in the market in different sizes such as 4, 6, 8 and 10 inches. When compared to Cast Iron Submersible pumps (CI pumps), these SS Submersible pumps have more good features like light in weight, and easy to install. Moreover, these SS Pumps works very well even with the low voltages, and optimum discharges are done during the fluctuating as well as the voltage supply conditions which is demandable.

While, the most recommended stainless steel sheets that are mainly used for the sake of fabrication are the AISI 304 that has the power to give good corrosion resistance in certain conditions like the Saline Conditions. However, several manufacturers or producers make use of AISI 302, as it is found to be the cheapest option for the stainless steel that is used as a strict entailment for the best performance and safety of the pumps. With the usage of such cheaper pump version, the parts of the pump will get damaged soon and may not function properly.


Fabrication Process

Wherein, the process of fabrication includes the fundamental sheet metal operations such as bending, trimming, etc. While, the parts of pumps will be sent to the welding process that is of TIG type for the instant welds. And several manufacturers or producers of pumps have started to install the Special Purpose Machines that are specifically meant for the sake of the mass production of the parts of the pump.

Spot Welding and Project Welding

It is also observed that, inside the ‘impellers’ parts, the ‘spot welding’ or ‘Resistive Spot Welding’ is used to join various parts. This seems to be one of the very crucial kinds of operation which can perform well only by the high skilled welders. In case, if any weld is not done in a proper way, the pump may fail to perform. Thus, it is good to approach ‘VIRA PUMPS’, where there are the highly experienced welders, as well as the sheet metal experts. For the sake of tiny crucial welding operations, such type of projection welding is generally used.

While the Projection welding seems to be the modified state of the spot welding process, and has less variables which affects the resistance welding process when compared to the spot welding. Also, the very main variables of such assembly techniques are the projections standards, as well as the cylinder responses. This is due to the projection that gets collapsed or destroyed during the time of welding. But VIRA PUMPS takes care of such things.

No matter, what the welding process is, but thorough or detailed inspection is needed for these welded parts. One of such tests or inspections includes Hydraulic leakage tests done for the bowls. This test is performed at our firm (VIRA PUMPS); and such defective or corroded parts can be repaired easily. Because of which these pumps function smoothly lasts longer.